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a bit about Kipp:

In 2004,

after a day of mountain biking, Kipp suddenly ended up in an emergency room and later a post-surgical hospital bed only to get news of his first cancer diagnosis. That period -- and the following years -- are the well-spring of his book entitled Improbable Joy: A 3 Time Cancer Survivor's Journey to Overcoming Fear and Pain.

Since 2004,

Kipp has endured three surgeries, three successive bouts of chemotherapy and three surprising journeys with cancer. His message is simple. Joy occurs in the most unexpected places, if you are intentional and look for it. He also believes that every person has an amazing ability to everyday touch and change other's lives.


his book tells the stories of the simplest moments that were captured and cemented to memory because he chose to be intentional. His hope and message is not to instruct but to aid others to look inside themselves to discover the inner gift that already exists. We all have what we need within ourselves and, too often, look outside for answers.

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