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Stop Fighting Cancer!

When we fight against cancer, we are ultimately fighting pain and anguish. When we choose to focus on that, we neglect seeing the amazing love and joy that coexists with those horrible moments. Choosing to stop the fight and embrace the love and joy will transform a cancer journey into something that is life-changing!

A Positive Attitude is Not the Only Answer!

Living and working in “ordinary” jobs begins to make us believe that we don’t have control and lack the ability to affect change. Simply “having a positive attitude” does not solve the problem; however, becoming intentional and seeing joy is the game changer that can and will make a difference! 

Why do we spend so much time on the pain?

Learning how to be intentional in the face of pain can be a difficult struggle. But if we learn to see the joy when things aren’t so great, our view of those events and how they shape us can be really impactful. The truth is, joy and pain exist simultaneously. A simple shift can help us see joy instead of pain! 

People Don''t Remember Days, They Remember Moments

The ability we have to change someone’s life in a moment is more powerful than any of us imagine — and we don’t talk about this enough! My book is a collection of simple moments that dramatically and forever shifted my focus for just a moment - and that simple shift often changed my life!

Stop Reading Self-Help Books!

The world has somehow convinced most of us that we are lacking and need help to “fix” whatever ails us. Opening your mind and growing through reading is great but the one place that is probably the scariest for us all is that voice inside that guides us.  We all have it and need to turn inward and listen!

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