Book Cover-Improbable Joy
Book Cover-Improbable Joy
Improbable Joy: A 3 Time Cancer Survivor's Journey to Finding Joy in Chemotherapy

This upcoming book will explore the idea that joy exists simultaneously with all the difficult things that happen in our world.  Because we spend so much time focusing on the painful and difficult, we deprive ourselves of joy that coexists.

Through personal stories, Kipp tells of moments when the act of being intentional led to life-changing experiences.  He will get you to believe that you, too, have the ability to change not only your own life -- but the lives of others -- all through a simple mind shift!


Future book titles may include:

  • An Alcoholic’s Journey to Finding Joy in Recovery

  • A Domestic Abuse Survivor’s Journey to Finding Joy through Independence

  • A Paraplegic’s Journey to Finding Joy Living in “The Chair”

  • A Drug Addict’s Journey to Finding Joy After Addiction

  • Finding Joy in the Grief of Losing A Child

Future Books

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